About Us

Founded in Zürich, Switzerland, The Motor Chain was created to keep our cars’ history alive, we do this empowering the classic and collectable community with innovative and user-friendly technology. Our platform allows owners to authorize garages, certifiers, consultants, appraisers, mentors, and other trusted 3rd parties to participate in your car’s documentation, increasing the trust on vehicles history.

Preserving history, growing the value of classic and collectible vehicles and educate the community about the importance of vehicles’ documentation are part of our mission. In addition to our platform, we also provide documentation capabilities for those owners that need and value our expert services.

Julio Saiz. Founder & CEO.

Some people might say I am a car collector, but I prefer to describe myself as a driver who gets emotionally attached to his cars. I still own my very first car, an Alfa Romeo 147, which I bought with a bank loan in my early 20s. My classic is a 1977 308 GTB and my young timer is a Honda S2000. I am computer science engineer with circa 25 years’ experience, 3 years ago, I decided to merge my IT knowledge with my passion for driving and founded The Motor Chain. My mission is the preservation of classic vehicles. We want them on the road, driven with health and safety. Follow me on IG @juliosaiztmc