Best Documented Car Award

This special award is an extension of our mission to encourage documentation of classic vehicles, and to support classic car owners in documenting their vehicles. Like many aspects of owning a classic, documentation is as much a labor of love as maintenance and restoration – and as such, it deserves its own award. 

Beginning in 2021 we will be introducing, promoting and sponsoring this special category in some of the finest Concours D’Elegance among Europe and the USA. 

An award of this kind is a first for the Classic Car community; we studied and learned how the traditional categories are judged, putting together the best experts to create the rational and tools to support its scoring.

Steve Linden, Martin Sigrist, Mattia Grandori, Frederic Vert worked together with TMC founders Julio Saiz and Matt Kenigstein to create the first version of the methodology supporting this special award. 

What does the Jury look for when rating cars documentation? 

  • Comprehensiveness. Does the documentation contain the fundamentals of a car’s history? 
  • Consistency. Is the documentation complete, with no gaps in the car’s history? 
  • Record of Ownership. Does the documentation contain evidence of all the car’s ownerships? 
  • Details of maintenance. Are all services, restorations, and modifications documented in detail? 
  • Supporting evidence. Does evidence exist and have good provenance and quality? 

Primary Documentation

1st Category

  • Documents which identify the car. Original documentation from the manufacturer, and/or authorized seller of the car when it was new.
  • The documents are original and were provided by the manufacturer and/or authorized seller.
  • This includes information that was stamped on the vehicle, or affixed to the vehicle by the manufacturer when it was new.

2nd Category

  • Documentation from a recognized and trusted source that has access to the original vehicle documents and/or specifications who has formalized this information into a report specific to that vehicle.

Secondary Documentation

These documents might include previous titles or registrations, maintenance and repair receipts, inspection receipts, maintenance logs, period photos, certifications and awards, race logs, appraisals, photo-documentations of restorations, and just about anything else that would apply to the car.

Scoring Card

Get familiar with the scoring card the Jury will use to rate the documentation. Download it here.

The panel of judges will naturally vary depending on the location of the Concours. As soon as our participation is announced in a show, participants will be able to see specific information and bios of the selected Jury for the occasion in a dedicated section for the show.

Do you want to take your Concours D’Elegance to the next level?  This is what The Motor Chain offers to your event: 

  • Best Documented Car in Show Award with a dedicated, reputed and specialized Jury.
  • An enhanced experience for visitors, who will access cars’ profiles using their mobile device. 
  • Digital innovation. Certification of all awards in car’s documentation.
  • Free access to The Motor Chain to all participant cars.

Or perhaps would you like to join the Jury of “Best Documented Car in Show”?  

Please get in touch with with your questions and inquiries.

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