Concorso Participants

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2021 Lugano Concorso d’ Eleganza!

The Motor Chain shares your passion and dedication for our loved classic cars, and in particular for their sometimes forgotten and neglected history and documentation. To be fair, we tend to leave documentation for last, after driving, cleaning, maintaining and repair. This is understandable, as documentation always implies extra effort and time.

By promoting and sponsoring the “Best Documented Car in Show” The Motor Chain wants to show gratitude to those diligent owners who not only keep documenting their cars during their ownership period but have invested on researching and completing their vehicle’s history.

What you need to know

Is my car eligible for this award?

Yes, all cars participating in the Concorso d’Eleganza are eligible.

How will it be judged?

The judges will score each car according to its documentation:

  • Comprehensiveness. Does the documentation contain the fundamentals of a car’s history?
  • Consistency. Is the documentation complete, with no gaps in the car’s history?
  • Record of Ownership. Does the documentation contain evidence of all car’s ownership changes?
  • Details of maintenance. Are all services, restorations, and modifications documented in detail?
  • Supporting evidence. Does evidence exist and have good provenance and quality?

How can I present the documentation?

There are two options:

  • Use The Motor Chain platform to document your car’s history. With this option you don’t need to bring the documentation to the Concorso and judges will have more time to assess all documents. You can start documenting your cars now and send us a note to when it is completed. This is the most effective way to ensure the judges have time to evaluate your car’s documentation.
  • Or you can bring the documentation with your car and have it ready and available for the judges on Saturday May 8th.

If you don’t have The Motor Chain yet, you can request an invite here.

Will the cars in The Motor Chain obtain a higher score?

No, all cars we will rated using the same criteria However, bear in mind assessing documentation in fairness takes time, therefore we strongly suggest you use the platform to make your car’s history accessible prior to the day of the Concorso.

Is my information secure and private in The Motor Chain?

Yes, your cars’ documentation is completely secured and remains 100% private. You, the owner, are the only one who can open the documentation to someone else, in this case the judges.

How much does The Motor Chain cost?

For Concorso participants it is cost free.

Can The Motor Chain help with documenting my car on the platform?

Yes, we do have a Documentation Service and can help with creating the car’s history in the platform.

What happens with my information after the Concorso?

You can keep using The Motor Chain to maintain and document your cars.

We are here to assist and support you, should you have any question or problem please email us at