Is my car’s information private in The Motor Chain?

Yes, it is. TMC is your digital documentation binder. All your cars’ documentation remains private. Only you, as owner of the car, decides when and who to share the information with.

Can I browse other members’ cars in TMC?

No, you can not unless a fellow member shares their car with you. The Motor Chain does not publish information nor allow to search or browse for other members’ car.

Why do I need to validate my profile, and upload an ID?

Profile validation is a service we provide to our members so they have the assurance they are dealing with real people or business. Profile validation is only needed when you want to share you car with another member or receive the information of another member’s car.

Can I modify an event in the Timeline?

Once you have saved an event in the Timeline you can not modify it as it is stamped using Blockchain technology.
Make sure you work in Draft Mode, and only proceed with the final Save action in the Timeline when you are sure the entry is complete with all documents and information.

What if I made a mistake in an entry or I want to modify and entry due to new evidences?

Please email us to documentation@themotorchain.com explaining your reasoning to modify the entry and we will get back to you after the request is assessed for integrity and validity.

Can I modify entries in the Timeline of a car that was transferred to me?

No, you cannot modify past entries in the Timeline. If you have strong reasons or new evidence supporting a request for a change please email us at documentation@themotorchain.com , so we can assess your request for integrity and validity and get back to you.

How do I send my car to my garage so they can update the documentation?

Enter in your car and click on “Share” , then select “Send for a service” and send the garage the link to your car

Does TMC share information with 3rd parties?

No, we do not share any information with 3rd parties – neither personal information of members nor of their cars.

Do you make backups of my car’s information?

Yes, we do regular backups of information on the whole platform.

What happens when I transfer the car to another member?

The whole documentation and car will move from your Collection to the Collection of the person you transferred the car to. Additionally, the platform will create an automatic Ownership Change entry in the Timeline.

How much does TMC cost?

TMC requires a 50 EUR per car/year subscrition, which gives you unlimited documentation in the Timeline and access to all TMC’s functionalities.

How much TMC cost for garages?

As a professional you can document your clients’ vehicles free of cost.