We connect classic and collectible vehicle Owners with Professionals and Buyers, allowing all parties to participate in a vehicle’s documentation and history. All interactions and transfers are controlled and regulated with Blockchain technology securing trust in documentation and the vehicle’s provenance

How it works

The Motor Chain enables the management, sharing and transfer of classic and collectible vehicles and their associated documentation.

It does this by first allowing the vehicle’s owner to create the vehicle’s NFT and establish an immutable record of its history to date by registering documents and creating events in The Motor Chain, and then enables continual, near real-time updating of its record through the platform.

These updates are managed through the platform’s intuitive interface, and to further simplify the process, trusted service providers and certifiers can be permitted to register events such as restorations or certifications of status to the vehicle’s history.

Identity Verification

The Motor Chain validates the identity of those members who would like to share, view, transfer or participate in cars’ documentation.

The profile validation is a manual and strict process giving our members the assurance they will interact with real persons or business.

Having trusted and verified professionals (garages, certifiers, or appraisers) participating in your car’s documentation using The Motor Chain, makes your car’s documentation irrefutable. Which will increase your vehicle’s value.

Backed by Blockchain

The Motor Chain will issue a cryptographic certificate to every single member of the community after verifying they are a real person or established business, and register it on the Hyperledger permissioned blockchain. This ensures that every single record – services, invoices, trips, certificates, or awards – is verified, and remains immutably linked to the vehicle’s NFT, helping to prevent fraud in vehicle’s provenance and mileage.

To better support the restoration and tracking of classic vehicles, The Motor Chain has been designed to be able to track the chassis, transmission and engine separately.

1.Owners. Start by registering the vehicle, which creates a unique asset that is an inmutable and irrefutable digital twin of your vehicle. Create the Timeline adding all exisiting documentation you might have. Control access to the vehicle’s documentation.

2.Professionals. Contribute to a vehicle’s Timeline by adding your maintenance services, restorations, appraisals and certifications. Become part of the vehicle’s history. Show the community who did the job.

3.Buyers. Request access to the vehicle’s documentation. Understand its condition and provenance. Receive the vehicle’s documentation and become its next custodian.